UPDATE re Buying Coal Directly From Our Mines

We have reviewed the list of essential services published by Government. Under utilities the government lists “fuel”. Coal is a fuel for heating critical for the comfort and health of some households in Southland. Unless we are informed otherwise, we will continue to supply household coal through our public sales at New Vale & Ohai Mines. We will continue to supply the Merchants.

Important notice to customers:

  • Shovels and rakes have been removed from public sales. We will be conservative in how much we load trailers (only up to the sides of trailers) so that the public will not have to take additional steps to get out of their vehicle to secure their load (raking down and covering loads).

  • We will no longer load bagged coal onto Ute decks or into other vehicles. Bags will ONLY be loaded into the loader bucket and the loader will tip them onto your trailer. If you do not have a trailer please contact one of the merchants who may deliver to your gate. Refer to list of merchants below.

  • At New Vale Mine we ask you to stay in your vehicle at all times. At Ohai you can only exit your vehicle at the weighbridge and only one person to exit their vehicle at a time.

  • Both mines will only be open be open to public sales between 8:00am and 12:00pm.

We have adequate stockpiles of coal, we will not run short. It is during these times that the public are more likely to interact.

The door to the offices are locked, so please do not attempt to enter any building. Please observe all public health precautions while on our site. Our operators will communicate with you from a safe distance. Do not approach our operators or their machinery, they will approach you and maintain a safe distance.

Please be kind, our staff are working hard to ensure your home heating supply is secured.


  • Allied (Gibbs), Invercargill

  • Waikiwi Coal, Invercargill

  • DT King

  • Blair Shaw Firewood, Gore

  • Aytos Dairy, Riverton

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