Ohai produces sub-bituminous coal and is one of two coal mining operations locally owned and operated by Greenbriar Ltd, in Southland, New Zealand.

About Ohai Coal

Ohai Coal is located about 75 kilometres northwest of Invercargill in Southland, New Zealand.

Our Ohai operation produces sub-bituminous coal – which is most commonly used for residential and commercial heating, and steam-electric power generation. Sub-bituminous coal have a sulfur content less than 0.4% by weight, which means it produces less SO2 emissions.


We sell directly to the public for small or bulk quantities by pick up only, and offer delivery by road trucks for commercial quantities. Ohai Coal is also available through various merchants in New Zealand.

Coal Quality

Annual average coal quality parameter for  main products for 2016.


Wairaki O/C looking west from east wall.

Ohai Coal Mine

Pit 3 prospecting O/C

Wairaki rehabilitated mining area
  • Sulphur content (on as received and air dried basis)

  • Calorific Value (on as received and air dried basis).

Quality Assurance System

Samples are collected weekly and dispatched to the New Vale laboratory for analysis of:

  • Size distribution

  • Loss on air drying

  • Ash content (on as received and aired basis)

  • Free moisture and inherent moisture

  • Calculated CV (based on dafCV)

All analysis are conducted in compliance with: ISO 5069-1:1983, ISO 5069-2:1983, ISO 1171-1997, ISO 5068-2: 2007 and ASTM: D 4749-87.

Weekly and monthly samples are verified by accredited Ngakawau SGS Laboratory, and are additionally tested for:

Ohai Coal


Main Office | 77 Birchwood Road, Ohai

Product Collection | 86 Mine Tip Road, Ohai 


E | sales@ohai.co.nz

Mon - Fri   8am-4.00pm

Operation Manager

Glen Valli

E | glen.valli@ohai.co.nz

Distribution Coordinator

Jane Hazeldine

E | jane.hazeldine@ohai.co.nz