About New Vale Humate

Raw humates are highly compressed natural organic humus - the remains of rain forests that existed millions of years ago. Humates have a high carbon, humic and fulvic acid content and can provide a concentrated source of naturally occurring humus to our soils, restoring the natural balance necessary for optimal plant growth.


​BioGro certified and high quality New Vale humates are a safe addition to crops or home gardens.

It is available for sale in bulk or 1 tonne bags. 

Key Benefits

  • Improve crop growth and quality

  • Increase water retention and nutrient uptake

  • Reduce heat and salt stress

  • Improve soil structure and microbial activity

  • Better animal health

  • Reduce environmental impact

Learn more about New Vale humate in this video

New Vale Humate Quality

Average humate quality parameter Oct - Dec 2016



For commercial sales

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