About New Vale Ohai Coal

New Vale and Ohai Coal mines were purchased from Solid Energy in 2017 by a new company, Greenbriar Limited.

Greenbriar Limited is owned by a local collective from Dunedin, New Zealand.

New Vale and Ohai Coal mines are both located in Southland and are an important part of the Southland economy, employing 60 local people and selling their coal products through various merchants in the region.


'We own all of our own equipment, have a number of specialists on staff which allows us to manage our entire operation in-house. Everything from operators, admin, geologists, mechanics and electrical, we even have our own trucks and drivers to provide delivery for commercial sales. We're your one stop shop for coal - from mining to delivered product,' says General Manager, Antony Stodart.

'We're especially proud of our rehabilitation program, restoring the land to a better state than when we found it.'


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New Vale – Ohai Coal is committed to responsible and sustainable resource development. Setting the benchmark for industry best practices, ensuring the health and safety of our people, local communities where we operate, and minimising impact on the environment. We take pride rehabilitating the land to a better state than when we found it.